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This agent does not permit any relay operations Print


Running dds_cnctst or dds_admin returns:
     9021 This agent does not permit any relay operations.
     54034 The attempt to connect to agent ( has failed.

Also, attempting to edit the agent in the Manager GUI reveals: 

     Some agent properties are not available for editing. Administrative session request failed 


This agent name may be resolving to the IP address of another agent on the network.  Either correct this error in DNS or else modify this agent's hosts file so that the hostname resolves to the correct IP address. 

Alternatively, the requesting agent (that is, the agent running dds_cnctst or the manager) may be configured to communicate with the destination agent using a relay.  In this case, ensure that the relay agent is configured to allow relayed connections.  This is available through Administration / Agents / List / select the relay agent / Edit / Network / Relays.  To allow the agent to act as a relay place a check in the "Enable this agent to act as a relay" checkbox.