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Why are some Agents not displayed in the Export Local Manager list? Print


I do not see one of my Agents in the Export Local Manager list.  Why is this?


The most likely reason for this is the Agent's name is not fully qualified. If the Agent is only known by the hostname or short name (as opposed to the fully qualified domain name), then the Agent is not listed and cannot be exported in this manner. This is done to avoid potential collisions with Agents installed on other Managers that do not have fully qualified domain names.

Some other common reasons for why the agent might not show up are:
  • The current user does must have at minimum read access to the Agent (or alias).
  • The Agent or alias must be native to the current Manager (not imported from another Manager).
If this is the case, then the Agent certificate needs to be manually extracted by running dds_cert extract and imported to the other Manager/Agent using the command dds_cert addca ddsCA_cert.pem.