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How to Reinstall an Agent Without Losing the Configuration Print


How to move an existing agent to new hardware or reinstall an existing host without losing the configuration?

Note: The Agent must stay on the same operating system (Windows or Linux). You cannot move from Windows to Linux or vice versa.


Save the following files from the existing Agent:
  • <install_dir>/bin/dds.gif
  • <install_dir>/security - the entire directory
  • /etc/dds.conf (Linux) or <install_dir>/bin/dds.cfg (Windows)
Then do the following:
  1. Install the Signiant software on the new Agent, the name must be the same as the existing Agent. (This will fail because the certificate is present on the Manager.)
  2. Stop the services on the new Agent.
  3. Replace the files/directory on the new Agent with the files/directory in the above list.
  4. Start the services on the new Agent.