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How do I enable tracing for SOAP messages on the web server? Print


When attempting to debug issues with SOAP calls to the manager, extra debug info from the web server can sometimes be helpful.  Note: This article applies to v8.2+


A debug parameter can be enabled for the web server which shows more detail on SOAP messages.  To enable this:
  1. On the manager, edit the file:
    {install directory}/web/signiantweblog.config
  2. Change the parameter APACHE_LOGGER_LEVEL from INFO to DEBUG
  3. Restart the web server
    Windows:  In the services control panel, restart the Signiant Jboss service
    Linux: /etc/init.d/siginit restart sigjboss
  4. Extra logging will then be found in the web server log located in:
    {install directory}/log/web/signiant.log 
Remember to turn debug off when you have the information you need since the logging can be quite verbose with this parameter enabled.

Further Information

When examining the return (or fault) from a SOAP call, you must be sure to read all the fields in the returned data structure.  Specifically, the "Fault String" will usually be a terse description of the problem whereas the "Fault Detail" will contain more information.  Frequently, one needs the combination of both fields to diagnose a failure.

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