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Start the PostgreSQL databse component manually on a Windows manager Print


When troubleshooting database problems, particularly startup issues, it may be necessary to start the database component of the manager in order to see error messages that are not, or can not be, captured by logs or the event viewer.


The database can be started using the 'pg_ctl.exe' command in the Signiant db\pgsql\bin directory.  This command cannot be executed by a privileged user.  Under normal operations this is launched by the 'postgres' user created at installation time.
To start the database manually, do the following:
  1. Log on as the postgres user
  2. Open a command prompt
  3. Change directory to Signiant's db\pgsql\bin directory.
  4. Run this command:
         pg_ctl start -D ..\data
  5. If the database starts, stop it with this command:
         pg_ctl stop -D ..\data
  6. Starting the database in this manner will display important troubleshooting information to the screen.
 If you are able to use the Windows' runas' command, you can replace the log on above with a request to launch 'cmd.exe' as the postgres user with this command:
  • runas /user:postgres cmd
You will be asked to enter the postres account's password to continue.  Any commands you execute from the newly created CMD.EXE prompt will be run as the postgres user.
Note: You may need to change the password for the postgres user in order to log in. If this is the case it is absolutely imperative that you change the user credentials for the Signiant Mobilize PostgreSQL Database Service. The user ID and password must be kept current on this service definition.