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Windows Agent Upgrade Fails: Unable to Backup Security Files Print


When performing a major upgrade (for example, from 10.3 to 11.1), the installer fails with the following message:

     setup was unable to backup the security files for the major upgrade


During the upgrade, the installer attempts to backup the existing security directory by renaming it to security.bak. Problems can occur when:
  • A file or directory named security.bak already exists.
  • You do not have permissions to rename the security directory.
  • The security directory, or a file in this directory, is in use by another process. For example,  Windows Explorer could be open on this directory, or it could be the current directory in a command prompt.
To solve this, do the following:
  • Delete any existing security.bak directories or files.
  • Make sure you have permission to rename directories in the installation directory.
  • Make sure that no processes on this host are accessing the security directory.
  • Make sure that no remote clients are accessing the security directory.
  • Attempt the installation again.