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How do the Signiant agents ensure data integrity? Print


What steps do the Signiant agents take to ensure data integrity?



The Signiant agents use encryption to ensure that the received network traffic is intended for the target and sent by the source.   Analysis is performed on the incoming traffic to ensure that the proper number of packets are received, correctly ordered and properly formed.  Further than this the agents do not take any overt action to verify the target data on a normal transfer, as this would have a significant performance impact.

I'm willing to sacrifice performance for assurance of data integrity.  Is there a way to better guarantee delivery?

Where added assurance is necessary the Certified Delivery option can be used, which will write source and target hashes (MD5) for each file transferred.  These hashes can be signed by the appropriate agents in the transfer.  This information is written to a delivery log on the manager where a stand alone utility, dds_delver, can then be used to verify that the hashes match, and if signed, that the delivery log has not been tampered with.  With this method, we can be assured that the data sent by the source machine matches the data received by the target.
Is there a way to run dds_delver as part of the file transfer?

Yes, but this would require customization of your workflow.

Would it be possible to run a checksum or hash of the files and compare them as part of the transfer?

Something like this would be possible with a customization to your workflow.  Be warned, however, that computing a hash for each file will be a processor and time intensive task for large files.

Do you have an example template, component or workflow that can run dds_delver or perform a post-transfer hash comparison?

No, not at this time.

Additional Information

More information on Certified Delivery can be found in the Signiant Component Developer's Guide.

More information on the dds_delver command can be found in the Signiant Manager Reference Guide.  Usage information is available by running 'dds_delver -help' from the command line on the manager.