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Reference the 'connecting host name' in job components Print


When creating a job template, it is often desired to reference the "connecting host name"  instead of the agent's actual host name.  The normal keywords to retrive host names, "%src_agent%" and "%tgt_agnt%", will expand to the actual host name for the particular agent.  In a cluster environment, or if aliases are used for a job, the actual host name may not be the same as the host name used in the connection.

The 'agent_connect_name' keyword will expand to the 'connecting host name' for the active agent.  This will return the name of the agent as it is defined in the job, regardless of the actual host name.


Given a cluster (MyCluster) with two nodes (hostA, hostB) with hostA as the active node, with jobs configured to run on MyCluster, the commands

print "Actual host name is %tgt_agent%\n";
print "Connected host name is %agent_connect_name%\n";

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will generate this output in the log:

Actual host name is hostA
Connected host name is MyCluster