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Why does dds_cnctst fail when I use the -port option? Print


I am trying to test connectivity and bandwidth availability between two agents.  The dds_pctest command reports success.  Likewise, running dds_cnctst to the remote agent works when no additional options are specified.  However, when I try to run a bandwidth availability test with a command similar to the following:

     dds_cnctst -port 49221 -rate 100 -user %dds_default_user% remotehost

I am unable to connect to the remote end.
Why can I connect in some cases, but not in the bandwith usage test?


Most likely, you have a relay defined on the host running dds_cnctst for the remote agent, which is being overridden by the -port option.  If this is the case, remove the -port option from the command line and try again.

The -port option will cause dds_cnctst to construct an 'on-the-fly' relay for this connection attempt, and will bypass the normal relay configuration for this remote agent.

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