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Set ACLs to allow users to control jobs Print


You want to grant users the ability to control jobs (run now, suspend, resume) with the least possible access rights.


Here are the access list entries you will need to apply for the new users in order to give them control over jobs:
  • The obvious one is an ACL on the Job Group. The users will need to have View Jobs and Schedule Jobs (against Job Groups).
  • Not quite so obvious, but since the user can affect the schedule of a template, they need ACLs on the Job Template Library containing that template. For that library, grant the user "View Job Templates (in this template library)" and "Schedule Jobs (using Job Templates in this template library).
  • Another non-obvious one, but since the user can affect the agent behaviour, they will need ACLs on the particular agents involved. For those agents (the source and targets for the jobs they can control) grant the users "Read Agent Properties" and "Schedule Jobs (against Agent)".
With these in place, the user should be able to control the jobs.

It is highly recommended that you create a user group with the particular ACLs applied. That way, if a new user comes in and needs the same rights, you can just drop that account into the user group.