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Content Transfer SDK authentication fails with "invalid password" message Print


When performing a Content Transfer SDK transfer, the applet reports back that the username or password is invalid despite a valid user and password being provided.


This can be seen for a variety of reasons as the authentication plug-in can only return authentication success or failure. 
If using SOAP authentication, the Signiant agent to which the CTE client is connecting must be able to resolve the name of the SOAP server specified in the SOAP URL.  To test if this is the case, set the client log level to FINEST and check the client log for a message like:
itc_param FAULT Error talking to soap server: https://someserver/signiant/services/InteractiveTransferService 500 Can't connect to someserver:443 (Bad hostname 'someserver')
If this is seen, the problem is that the agent (MediaExchange server) cannot resolve the name 'someserver'.  Ensure this name can be resolved from the agent server via DNS, hosts file entry, etc.  NOTE.  A relay is not sufficient here as the SOAP authentication is across standard HTTP(s) which does not use Signiant relays 

If the agent can resolve the SOAP authentication server properly, and HTTPS access is confirmed to be good, investigation of the SOAP authentication server will be needed.  Note that Signiant supplies the interface to the authentication server, but does not supply the server itself.  Thus, debugging will need to be done by the author or maintainer of the authentication server.