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Send Windows files marked with the temporary attribute Print

By default, Signiant software does not transfer files which have the "temporary" attribute set on Windows machines.  From the Microsoft documentation on the subject, temporary files should not exist after the application that created them exits, and as such, will have no relevance on the target system.
That said, some users have expressed an interest in transferring these files anyway, and in at least one case the files were incorrectly marked as "temporary" owing to a quirk of the software that created them.  For those customers, an item called "Transfer Temporary Files" has been added to the Options for a file transfer components.
To enable this option for a file transfer component (Aggregate or Distribute), do the following
  • Edit the component used for the jobs where you want to transfer temporary files
  • Scroll down to the Options section
  • Select "Transfer Temporary Files".  On the right hand side, set the option to "Yes"
This will cause all temporary files to be sent for all jobs running this template.  If you would like the operator to select how this options behaves when the job is scheduled, select the Is Input and Is Visible options for the property.  The option can then be mapped to the workflow's start component to allow the operator to select the desired behaviour when the job is scheduled.