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Does Installing, Upgrading or Uninstalling an Agent on Windows Require a Reboot? Print


On a Windows system, does running the Signiant Agent installer to install, upgrade or uninstall the agent require a reboot?


Possibly, but unfortunately whether or not a reboot is required is beyond the control of the installer.

During the installer operations, if a file or directory is in use but requires modification (for example, it needs to be overwritten or deleted), the operating system places that operation in a queue that is processed at boot time. The installer has no control over this process.  

To reduce the chance of a reboot being required, you should do the following:
  • Stop all jobs that are running on the Agent.
  • Stop all Signiant services running on the Agent.
  • Close all applications that are using files in the Signiant install directory.
  • Make sure no file browsers or command prompts are idle in the Signiant install directory.
By making sure that no processes are currently using resources under the Signiant install directory you will greatly reduce the chance that a reboot is required.

If a reboot is required, continuing with Agent operations without a reboot is not advised, because the current state of the Agent is unknown and may be running with incompatible versions of different components.