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Some Notes on Disabling DEP on Windows Servers Print


The Signiant agent installer does check for DEP being enabled at install time, however it can sometimes report an error due to DEP being activated even though the DEP settings appear to allow installation.


1.) An agent installation failed on a Windows 2008 server even though the DEP settings were set to 'Protect System Files Only'.  It was necessary to list the Signiant installation program in a list of processes that DEP would ignore.  This list can be found on the DEP configuration screen.

2.)  On a Windows 2003 server, the DEP setting kept being reset to the most restrictive setting during reboot.  This occurred even if the DEP settings were set to allow a new installation.  The problem turned out to be that a boot.ini policy file was chaninging the DEP setting to not allow new installations.

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