Signiant Support

Unable to browse agent's file system from manager Print


    When attempting to browse an agent's file system from the Signiant administration interface, the attempt fails with the following error:

Prompt from the 'findfiles browse' session cancelled; 'no prompt' mode enabled; Prompt string was 'Enter the password for %dds_default_user% on hostname: '
2003 Session terminated: Prompt cancelled by controlling process.
Error -- 'findfiles' session creation fails (error_number/exit_code: 16).


The credentials for the default user are not properly cached for this agent.  Caching the credentials is done as follows:
  •     Log onto the Admin interface as an administrator level account.
  •     From Administration / Agents / Configure select the agent in question
  •     Select the Remote Access tab and choose the "Simple" option
  •     In the "Jobs Run As " prompt, enter the user name to use as the default user for this agent.  For Windows agents, supply this password for this user name.