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How To: Change the certificate key length Print


How can we increase the key length to 2048 bits instead of the current 1024 that the systems use?


Under the manager install directory (/usr/signiant/dds by default for Linux managers, C:\Program Files\Signiant\Mobilize by default for Windows managers), navigate to the following directory:
  • 3rdparty/jboss/server/default/deploy/signiant.war/secure/hosts
Using a text editor, open the sigsetup.inf file. Change this line:
  • default_key_length = 1024
to this:
  • default_key_length = 2048
Save the file.  Agents installed using the new sigsetup.inf file will now use 2048 bit keys.  Existing agents will need to reinstalled with the new sigsetup.inf file.

Applies To:

Signiant Manager and Agents, all versions.