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Agent fails to start with "Unable to determine the name/IP address of this agent" Print


The agent startup script on Linux (siginit start sigagent) fails with the following:
----- 2013/07/05-09:34:32 ----- Executing sigagent 'start' command (PID: 5485)
Starting Signiant Agent...
2013/7/5 13:34:32.929 (0)  9057 Unable to determine the name/IP address of this agent.
ERROR: Signiant Agent 'dds_pc' failed to start properly.

The dds_hostnm command fails with the same error.

The following items have been verified:
  • Output from the 'hostname' command appears correct
  • /etc/hosts is properly configured
  • the agent host resolves its name to the correct IP address
  • IP Interface (if applicable) in /etc/dds.conf is correctly defined
  • the value in /etc/sysconfig/network is correctly defined with no trailing spaces


There is most likely a trailing space or other 'unprintable' character in the hostname used by the current environment.  The Linux 'set' command will show this, enclosing these values within single quotes:
someagent:root [ ~ ] set
If the hostname listed has a trailing space, use the 'hostname' command to re-enter the name without the space: