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Collecting information required to troubleshoot Process Monitor (PMU) crashes Print


How do I troubleshoot a dds_pmu problem? What information should I collect if it's crashing?


To diagnose and troubleshoot the problem, please do the following:
  1. Run "<signiant install directory>/bin/dds_pmu.exe -V" and capture the output.
  2. Collect the output from the "<signiant install dir>/bin/dds_pmu.exe -immediate" command.
  3. Edit the file "<signiant install dir>/web/signiant.ini" and change the line from PMU_LOG_LEVEL=0 to PMU_LOG_LEVEL=5. The process monitor service will need to be restarted from the Signiant administration interface (Administration / Manager / System Health and click on the Reset Process Monitor Using Above Values button).
  4. Collect the dds_pmu.log from the log directory
If the process monitor is crashing, please collect the crash dump or core file, depending on your operating system.  Send this to customer support, along with the information gathered from steps 1 and 2 above.  Also include the dds_pmu.log file found in the Signiant Manager log directory.

Additional Information

For Windows 2003 and earlier, refer to Knowledge Base article 319 "How to enable Dr. Watson to gather crash information"

For Windows 2008 and later, refer to Knowledge Base article 1239 "Creating Windows dump files to gather crash information"

Applies To

Signiant Process Monitor Utility, all versions.