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Bad file descriptor error from the findfiles command Print


    A customer template that works fine on several other agents does not work on one particular agent. Configuration appears to be identical to the other agents and there is no apparent difference in the setup of the agents. Failure behavior is also dependent on where the job is started (controlling vs. client agent). Also, other jobs using the default templates/workflows work fine to this agent.

  • As controlling agent:Manager would connect and then receive the follow error:
    • findfiles bad file descriptor error from the source initialization command
  • As client agent: Controlling agent would authenticate but then receive the following errors:
    • Unable to create the Target process command process: Access is denied.
    • The remote command returns with exit code 23.


An uninstall/install of the agent did not change the behavior. The customer then did another uninstall. Then using regedit, removed any references to Signiant found in the registry. After then installing the software the template had no issue running on the agent.

** Note: the exact registry keys removed is unknown so this solution should not be given out the customers. It is for Signiant use only.