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Manager install fails when configuring the Certificate Authority Print


The Signiant Manager install fails with the following:
Errors occurred in configuring the Certificate Authority
Error receiving reply from the 'Signiant Certificate Authority Service' to a 'getpid' command: Success
You will have to shut it down manually before re-running the install.


The manager install has detected a process running on port 8001, which is required by the manager's Certificate Authority.  This process must be shut down before the manager installation can complete successfully.

Use one of the following to identify the process using this port:
  • Linux: netstat -anp | grep :8001

The last column will show the PID and program name of the process using the port.
  • Windows: netstat -ano | find ":8001"

The last column will show the PID of the process using the port.
In rare circumstances, the problem may be related to names resolution on the host.  If the host is not resolving its own name to its proper IP address it will attempt to make a connection to another host.  If this host is running a process that is listening on port 8001 the same symptoms will be seen.  In this case, correct the names resolution problem on the host and try the install again.

Applies To

Signiant Manager, all versions.