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How to retrieve job details for a deleted job Print


I've accidentally deleted a scheduled job in my Manager.  How can I recover the job details so that I can recreate the job?


Note:  The following is written for a Linux environment, and makes use of common Linux utilities that have no corresponding version in a default Windows environment.  There may exist 3rd party tools that can perform similar functions on Windows, but the identification of such tools is beyond the scope of this article.

Obtain the job name and a backup old enough to contain the job.
From the backup, unpack the db dump:
  •      unzip DTM_backup_file.jar dtmDB.dmp

If required (because the file is large) split the .dmp into more manageable portions:
  •      split -b 100000000 dtmDB.dmp

If you choose to split the .dmp, then locate which file contains the scheduled_job_arg table:
  •      find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 grep -l "scheduled_job_arg"

Within the located file, use vi to search for the job name string.  
Once you've located the 'scheduled_job_arg' table, examine column 4 (argument_name) and column 5 (argument_value) for that job to locate its details.  The argument_name column will relate to the different prompts for the job and the argument_value field will be the value for that prompt.  Note that the argument_value will not exactly match the prompt text, but it should be an easy matter to match the prompts to the values.

Additional Information

The following gives an example of the prompts for Media Mover jobs:

Drop Box Specification / Source Specification
Job Detail argument_name argument_value
Drop Box Agent: "{job name}.Source.DropBoxAgent"* (agent or group)
Drop Box Directory: "{job name}.Source.DropBoxDirectory"**  
Include File Patterns: "{job name}.Source.IncludeFiles"  
Exclude File Patterns: "{job name}.Source.ExcludeFiles"  
Exclude Subdirectories: "{job name}.Source.ExcludeSubdirectories" None,All,Specified
Subdirectories to Exclude: "{job name}.Source.ExcludeSubDirList" (space delimited list)
File Readiness Check Type: "{job name}.Source.FileReadinessCheckType" None,Consecutive Seek,MD5 Hash,Date/Time & Size
Readiness Check Delay: {job name}.Source.FileReadinessCheckDelay"  
Source Deletions After Successful Transfer: "{job name}.Source.SourceDeletionsPostTransfer" none,xfrdfiles,emptydirs,xfrdfiles_and_emptydirs,xfrdfiles_and_dirs
Source Directories to Exclude from Deletion Scan: "{job name}.Source.SourceDeletionExcludeDirectories" (space delimited list)
* For Distribute and Replicate this field is: {job name}.Source.SourceAgent.  For Aggregate, this field is {job name}.Source.SourceAgents.
** For Distribute and Aggregate, this field is: {job name}.Source.SourceData

Destination Specification
Job Detail argument_name argument_value
Target Agents: "{job name}.Target.TargetAgents"* (space delimited list)
Target Directory: "{job name}.Target.TargetDirectory" /dmnas/dmnas/clipper/upload/tmp
Directory Mapping Options: "{job name}.Target.PathMappingOptions" Source Host AND/OR Job Date/Time
Maximum Job Date-Time Directories: "{job name}.Target.maximumJobDateTimeDirectories"  
Remove Expired Files on Target: "{job name}.Target.RemoveTargetFiles" yes,no
Expiration Period: "{job name}.Target.expirationPeriod"  
* For Aggregate, this field is {job name}.Target.TargetAgent.
Transport Options
Job Detail argument_name argument_value
Use UDP Control Channel: "{job name}.Transport._sp_udp" yes,no
Use WAN Accelerator: "{job name}.Transport.UseWANAccelerator" yes,no
WAN Accelerator Aggressiveness: "{job name}.Transport.wANAcceleratorAggressiveness" high,medium,low
Bandwidth Ceiling: "{job name}.Transport.BandwidthCeiling"  
Bandwidth Floor: "{job name}.Transport.BandwidthFloor"  
Bandwidth Throttle by Time of Day: "{job name}.Transport.BandwidthThrottleByTimeOfDay" 00:00;12:00;NYYYYYN;625000 (start, stop, days, KB)

Advanced Options
Job Detail argument_name argument_value
Encryption Level: "{job name}.Options._sp_encryption" high,med,low,none,off
Delivery Mode "{job name}.Options.deliveryMode" fast,no,unsigned,yes
Compress Files: "{job name}.Options.CompressFiles" yes,no
Follow Symbolic Links: "{job name}.Options.followSymbolicLinks" yes,no
Incremental Transfer: "{job name}.Options.IncrementalTransfer" yes,no

Notification And Logging
Job Detail argument_name argument_value
Email To: "{job name}.NotificationAndLogging.EmailTo"  
Email Cc: "{job name}.NotificationAndLogging.EmailCc"  
Email Bcc: "{job name}.NotificationAndLogging.EmailBcc"  
Email Condition: "{job name}.NotificationAndLogging.EmailCondition" Always,Always Exclude Empty Transfers,On Transfer,Never
Log Detail Level: "{job name}.NotificationAndLogging._sp_log_severity" 0=Error,1=Warn,2=Info,3=Debug
Job Detail argument_name argument_value
SNMP Trap Receivers: "{job name}.sNMPProperties.sNMPTrapReceivers"  
SNMP Trap Community String: "{job name}.sNMPProperties.sNMPTrapCommunityString"  
SNMP Trap Types: "{job name}.sNMPProperties.sNMPTrapTypes" Success,Failure

Job Detail argument_name argument_value
Frequency: "{job name}.Schedule._sp_frequency" None, Daily,5,First Sunday, etc. as displayed in job details screen
Start Date/Time: "{job name}.Schedule._sp_start_at " 2013/03/24 08:30:00 or {empty}
Time Zone: "{job name}.Schedule.timezone" America/New_York
Priority: "{job name}.Schedule.priority" 1=Low,2=Medium,3=High,4=Urgent,5=Immediate
Finish Before:  "{job name}.Schedule.finishBefore" 2013/03/24 08:30:00 or{empty}