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Backup job fails with Permission error on work file Print


The following error is seen in the logs for the Manager Backup job:

Unable to open the work file for 'DTMbackup_manager-name.jar': Permission denied 


The most likely cause is a permission issue for the folders that hold the backups.  This may occur on either the manager, or the agent holding the backup, or both.

For the Signiant Manager, make sure that the default user defined for the manager can create files in the backup directory (C:\Program Files\Signiant\Mobilize\backup by default for Windows managers and /usr/signiant/dds/backup by default for Linux managers).

For Signiant Agents (including the manager if the manager's agent is configured to store the backup files), make sure that the default user for the agent can create files in the default transfer directory (C:\Program Files\Signiant\Mobilize\transfers by default for Windows agents  and /usr/signiant/dds/transfers by default for Linux, Unix or Mac OS X agents).
Additional Information: 
The backup process works by creating and building the backup JAR file in the /backup folder. From there it copies the folder to the default directory of the specified for safe keeping.

If the error occurs at the beginning of the job, when the file is being created the issue will be at the backup folder. If the error occurs near the end, after the backup file is created, the problem will be at the default directory for the agent holding the backups.
Take note of the default user on the manager and agent. This is found on the Environment tab.
Take note of the Default Directory of this agent.
Open the Backup Job for editing and take note of the Backup location.
Check the permissions on the backup and default directories and add the agen's default user to the permission list for creating, modifying and deleting files.

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