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How do I verify the expiry date of a web server certificate? Print


Particularly when using a third party certificate (ie. Comodo) for the Manager web server, it is necessary to keep a close watch on the renewal time for the certifcate.  The web server certificate is not able to be automatically renewed when it is a third party certificate is used and manual processes need to be followed to renew this certificate.


  • In Internet Explorer, click the small lock icon at the end of the Address bar. Click View Certficates to see the details of the certificate.
  • View the Valid From: detail for expiry information.
  • In FireFox click the Lock Icon at the beginning of the Address Bar. Click More Information to see the certificate information.
  • Click the Security Tab and then View Certificate where you will see the Period of Validity.
  • In Chrome click the Lock Icon at the beginning of the Address Bar and click Certificate Information.
  • Here you'll see the same Certificate box as seen from Internet Explorer.