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Signiant Process Control Service on cluster node does not start when machine is rebooted Print


When a cluster node is rebooted, the Signiant Process Control Service does not automatically start. The service can be started manually after the reboot with no issues.


Investigation showed the following error in the dds_pc log:

50200 Unable to load the security information file: The local host names appears to have changed.

Checking the time stamp of the error and comparing that to the Event Logs show that the dds_pc process was starting before the Cluster Services. We assume that the name is either not set or set incorrectly at this point in the start up process. To correct this we made the Signiant Process Control Service dependent on the Cluster Serivce during start up.

This involves editing the registry so it should be done with extreme caution!

See for more details on the process below
  1. On the Window node Start -> Run -> regedit
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ddspcsrv
  3. Right Click ddspcsrv and choose New -> Multi String Value
  4. Name it DependOnService
  5. Modify the entry and set the value to ClusSvc  *Or the name the service uses on your server
  6. Close regedit

Once this is verified, proceed to follow the same process for makikng the Signiant UDP Relay Service dependent on the Process Control Service.