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Connection reset by peer Print


I have confirmed that my firewall is open; the correct ports are listening and even though I can telnet and ping the target agent, I receive "Connection reset by peer" when trying to run a UDP job. Using the dds_cnctst utility produces the same error.


This error is usually due to the target agent being unable to resolve it's own name correctly. 

To double check and resolve this:

If you have access to the target agent:
Run the command dds_cnctst from the <agent install>/bin with no parameters. i.e > dds_cnctst
Make sure that the agent name being used in the source agent matches the output of the command:
"The connection to 'agent name' succeeded"
If you do not have access to the target agent, the easiest way to do this is to:
telnet into the target machine - telnet <target machine> 49221
Run command: ver
Make sure that the agent name returned is the actual agent name being used to connect.