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How do I create a user account who can only create other new users? Print


We would like to transfer the account creation duties to our operations group.  However, we do not want to allow them complete admin access to our manager. How can we create an account that is restricted to account creation functions only?


Follows the steps below to create the "Account creation" user:

  1. Create a regular user account. 

  2. Make this new user an Organization Administrator for the Organization subsequent accounts will be created in.

  3. Edit the user and select the menu tab. Remove all options except Administration/Users/Configure and Administration/Users/Groups.

The account will also be able to perform some administrative actions on user accounts, such as Media Exchange settings, group membership and general details.  The users will not be able to change the password for an account without knowing the existing password, nor will the users be able to grant access to menu items they themselves do not have access.