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I occasionally get an error "Connection request rejected: Too many simultaneous relays.", what does this error mean?


This error indicates that the maximum simultaneous TCP relay connections Signiant can support has been exceeded. Signiant supports 16 simultaneous TCP relay connections through one agent, if that number is already reached, any other connection attempts to this agent will be rejected and the above error will be generated.
This error can also be caused by improper names resolution for your agents.  In this case, an agent is servicing the connection request, but it's a different agent than the one intended.  This can happen if agent IP addresses are incorrect in DNS or other names resolution mechanisms.  In effect, the following is happening:
Signiant transfer traffic is intended for agent 1, but the names resolution for agent 1 returns the IP address for agent 2
Agent 2 receives the traffic and determines that it is intended for another host (agent 1). 
Agent 2 performs a lookup on the name of agent 1 and receives an IP address for agent 2.  Therefore it relays the traffic to itself.
This relay loop continues until the agent reaches its maximum number of relays, at which point the connection will be terminated.
When troubleshooting these issues, consider this test:
9015 Connection request rejected: Too many simultaneous relays.
54034 The attempt to connect to agent ( has failed.
telnet 49221 (when connected, type: ver)
'Signiant Process Control Service' '' '9.6.0' '32425' 'May 10 2012 04:24:43'
The telnet test shows that the name of the agent responding on the Signiant port is not the intended agent.

Additional Info

* Also seen this issue with AntiVirus software interference. White listing the Signiant directories cleared up the issue.