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Rules Server and Event Monitor Starts Briefly then Stops Print


After a successful 8.2.x Manager installation without any errors reported, the rules server and/or the event monitor processes start briefly than stop. The following error message is displayed in the rules server or the event monitor's console log:

ERROR: Java process terminated within 30 seconds - possible configuration error or memory limitation.


Comparing the contents of the log statement that begins Executing Command on the system where the rules server or event server cannot start to a working system reveals a difference. Any difference found in the content of this log statement indicates an incomplete installation and, in the case seen by this article, the install media was missing key files. Specifically, the end user had copied the files from  the CD to a network share but missed a shared directory which then led to a valid (but incomplete) install causing the rules server and event server not to start.
To correct this problem, reinstall the software using known good media (directly from the ISO file if possible).