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After Installing an Agent on Windows 2008, UDP and TCP Transfers To/From that Agent Fail Print


After installing an agent on Windows 2008, transfers to/from the agent fail. UDP transfers appear to connect but timeout shortly after initializing. TCP transfers fail outright.


The issue is that the Windows firewall blocks the internal 49221/TCP connection which is used for TCP and UDP transfers. This block causes the initial connection to succeed but then results in timeout within 30 seconds. The firewall blockage can also affect Manager operation when the Manager backup transfers the file to another agent or when upgrade in place is being used. 

To fix this, do the following:
  1. Open the Windows Firewall facility in the Control Panel and select the Change Settings link.
  2. Select the Exceptions tab.
  3. Enable Notify me when Windows Firewall blocks a new program.
  4. Apply the change and close the Windows Firewall facility.
  5. Open a command window and change directory to the Signiant install folder.

    The install folder is usually c:\Program or c:\Program Files (x86) followed by Signiant\Mobilize\bin.

  6. In the command window run:

    dds_cnctst -udp <hostname>

    where <hostname> is the hostname of the agent (ie. this machine)
  7. A is displayed prompting you to unblock ssl_intf. Choose to unblock it.

This automatically adds the necessary firewall rule and allows UDP transfers to occur.