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I Receive an "Operation not permitted" Error When Uploading With Media Exchange or the CTE-SDK Print


When uploading a file to a Linux server that is mounting a Windows CIFS share, new files are able to be uploaded with no errors. However, files that currently exist in the directory can not be replaced and uploads fail with this error:

        Message 30181: Operation not permitted

All uploads to the local file system on the Linux server work as well as uploads to the mounted share if run as the root user on the Linux server.


The Windows share was mounted with only the minimum options in the Linux agent's fstab:

    //IP_addr/share  /path/to/directory cifs  credentials=/etc/bcapps.cred    0

Adding the transfer user to the options and remounting the share corrected the issue. For example, if the default user is a user called transfer_user:

    //IP_addr/share  /path/to/directory cifs uid=transfer_user,rw,user,credentials=/etc/bcapps.cred    0