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Can I Use Multiple Domain Controllers for Active Directory Authentication? Print


Is it possible to specify multiple domain controllers when defining an Active Directory service for user authentication?


Within the dialog for adding a directory service, it is not possible to specify multiple servers. However, there are two possible solutions you can use:

  1.  Leave the Server Name/IP field blank, but complete the Active Directory Domain name. In such a configuration the "best available" domain controller is used for the authentication. This allows authentication against any of your domain controllers.
  2. If you would rather restrict authentication to specific domain controllers, you can set up multiple Active Directory services on the Manager, each pointing to a different server name. You can then set the order in which servers are used for authentication. If authentication to the first server fails (for example, the domain controller is not available) the authentication will be handled by the second server, then the third, and so on, until either a valid authentication is achieved or there are no more directory services to try.

For its ease of management and versatility - in most cases, the first option is recommended.