Signiant Support

Media Exchange or Content Transfer Engine SDK Transfer Fails with: warning 50200 Print


A Media Exchange transfer, or a transfer using the Content Transfer Engine (CTE) SDK fails with the following text in the client log:

WARNING: Transfer warning: Remote system reported warning 50200
SEVERE: Handled as severe: Unexpected end of file from server

The corresponding log on the agent displays this text:

Unable to load the security information file: The local host names appears to have changed.


The host name of the Signiant Agent to which you are connecting has changed since the Signiant software has been installed. To resolve the problem do one of the following:

  • Return the host name of the Signiant Agent back to its original name, (as it appears in the Signiant Administration Interface).
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Signiant Agent software. This causes a certificate to be issued for the agent's current name.

Additional Information

In order for the transfers to properly authenticate, the host name of the Signiant Agent must match the name listed in the agent's certificate, which is issued when the Signiant Agent is installed.  If the host name changes after the certificate is issued then authentication is impossible.