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Poor transfer performance with AVID ISIS storage Print


When transferring files from one AVID Transfer Manager to another using ISIS storage, speeds are much slower than they should be. One cause of the problem can be that by default, Signiant Agents read at 64 Kilobytes and write at 8 Megabytes. The AVID filesystem prefers to read and write at 8 Megabytes. This causes poor performance reading from the AVID filesystem.


Set the file_io_size parameter on the Agent to read and write files with a 8 Megabyte buffer.


<signiant install directory>\bin\dds_admin

The channel to mysigniantagent.local is mutually authenticated (Cipher=AES256-SHA, Keysize=256/256).
Admin for the 'Signiant Process Control Service', version 8.4.0 [19706] on mysigniantagent.local
>set file_io_size 8380608

Tests have shown this dramatically increased performance reading from the ISIS storage. Results may vary on other storage devices so always run some controlled transfer tests after changing the parameter to verify performance.  In some cases, larger read sizes can cause a decrease in overall performance.

Applies To

Signiant Agents running on AVID Transfer Managers, All Versions