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FAQ: Why do I encounter Media Exchange job failures with one star transfers? Print


Media Exchange users located outside of my organization who are relying on (Behind Web Proxy) one star (HTTP TCP 8080) transfers, fail to download packages.

Why are these transfer failures occurring when my firewall permits port TCP 8080 access to the Media Exchange Agent?


Some organizations implement firewall, deep packet inspection or proxy security services that preclude port TCP 8080 connections egress from within their networks. As a result the Media Exchange transfers fail, because the application cannot establish communication with the Media Exchange Agent via HTTP on port TCP 8080.

Because HTTP TCP 80 is typically a more permissive port in terms of outbound connections as defined by security policies, the Media Exchange Agent's HTTP protocol server port can be changed to use TCP port 80 as opposed to TCP port 8080.

If the Media Exchange Agent is separate from the Media Exchange Web server, and it has a dedicated public IP which permits PAT, such a solution might be desirable for clients accessing your Media Exchange from outside of your organization's network.

To update the HTTP Protocol Server port for a Media Exchange Agent, edit the configuration of that Agent with the Manager web interface.
  1. On the Network tab, select the HTTP tab.
  2. If Media Exchange is enabled for this Agent, the Port field associated with the Enable HTTP Protocol Server option is editable. Edit the value in that textbox from the default 8080 to 80 and click Apply.

Applies To

Signiant Agents, all versions.