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Signiant Manager and Agents and Media Exchange 11.x Release Features Print

Manager and Agents:
Media Exchange

​Manager and Agents May 2015 - v11.4

Feature Description Benefit
Security Enhancements
  • Updated the Signiant Manager openSSL to version 1.0.2a
  • Added the ability for administrators to enable or disable SSL V3. 
Force encryption to use TLS which is a more secure form of encryption
Improvement to API support
  • Using REST API you can now manipulate users and user groups 
  • Documentation improved to reflect these changes.
User account manipulation within API
FIMS API Compliance and updates
  • FIMS API has been updated to include support for the FIMS 1.1 transfer standard.
  • Agent groups are now available to use.
  • Developer guide improvements to include REST examples and more.
Better support for FIMS development and functionality

Media Exchange May 2015 - v11.4

Feature Description Benefit
Edit and update already-sent packages
  • Sent packages can now be modified and updated.
  • Modifications including file additions, recipient changes, channel modifications and description changes trigger a notification that is sent to the recipient(s) or channels​
More flexibility with packages so redoing a package is not necessary
Improved load balancing
  • The agent list is now ordered based on the number of running jobs on each agent.
Better use of grouped agents​
HTTP Transfers improved
  • HTTP transport reliability has been improved to reduce timeouts
Transfers continue without interruption​
Chrome NPAPI blockage workaround
  • Version 42 of Chrome automatically disables Netscape Plugin API (NPAPI), automatically disabling the use of browser plug-ins.
  • A pop-up is displayed when Chrome 42 or higher is detected, instructing users how to enable NPAPI and unblock plug-ins
Users may continue to use Google Chrome for Media Exchange transfers
Linux Support added for Signiant Transfer API
  • We have added Linux support for Signiant Transfer API (with Mozilla FireFox) on:
    • 64-bit CentOS 6, 7
    • 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7
    • Ubuntu
No longer require Java for Media Exchange transfers within Linux GUI