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Disabling SSL v3 in version 11.4 and higher Print

As a measure to increase security in the manager, as of version 11.4 we provide a means by which we can disable SSL v3 for the JBoss server on Signiant managers.  This is done in two stages:
1 – Upgrade your agents to 11.4 or later. 
2 – Run the following command from the manager’s ‘bin’ directory:
                ./ disableSSLv3
If there is ever the need to re-enable sslV3, run the following:
                ./ enableSSLv3

For a Windows Manager you will need to run the command from an Administrator CMD prompt as such:
1. CD to the [Signiant installfolder]/mobilize/bin/perl/bin
2. run the command 
>perl "C:\Program Files\Signiant\Mobilize\bin\ disableSSLv3

The same can be run on Media Exchange Web Servers.
It is important to upgrade the agents prior to making the change on the manager.  Earlier agents will be unable to connect to the manager for SOAP calls, and may have issues with certificate renewals or obtaining the CRL.

Note that on fresh installs of 11.4 SSL v3 is disabled by default.