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How to find jobs and agents with Debug logging turned on Print

Having debug or tracing enabled on jobs and agents can produce very large logs that can fill up hard drives. It can be a daunting task to find the one job in many or the one agent in many that has this set. It may be necessary to locate these so the logging level can be reset to Info once troubleshooting is completed.

Here are some ways to locate these jobs or agents.


Use Jobs : View to see all jobs in any group.

  1. Click the Jobs : Views menu
  2. Click the Add button to add a new view
  3. Set the criteria to Log Detail Level - equals - DEBUG
  4. Save the view.
  5. From the Views menu select the new view and click the View Jobs buttom at the top. This will display all jobs with Debug enabled.

Use the Jobs:Groups menu to add the Log Detail Level column to a group view.

  1. Click the Job : Groups menu 
  2. Doubleclick on one of the groups in order to open the list of jobs in that group.
  3. Mouse over the right-side of one of the columns to expose the down-arrow and click it to expose the menu
  4. Mouse over the Columns menu and select the Log Detail Level check box.
  5. From there you can mouse over the right-hand menu again, mouse over filters and select Debug. This will display all jobs that have Debug level logging.


  1. Click the Agent View menu and click the Query menu. 
  2. This will open the Query dialogue where you will want to select the Trace properties in the Property box. 

  3. Click the OK button and it will begin the query that will return all agents with the Trace columns added. This will allow you to view the agents and disable the trace options on each of them