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How to Migrate a Manager to a New Server Print


For a number of reasons it can be necessary to migrate a Manager to a new physical or virtual server. This article describes the process of performing such a migration, focusing on the need to retain configuration information.


All configuration and license keys etc. from a Manager are stored in the Manager Backup; you can find the most recent backup in [signiant_install_dir]/backup.  The steps to migrate the Manager are as follows:

1. Run Backup on the old Manager (Manager GUI - Administration - Manager - Backup)
2. Move the backup .jar to the new (offline) machine.
3. Move the install media (the same version as the old) to the new machine.
4. Set the hostname of new machine to match the old Manager.
5. Install a fresh Manager to the same location on new machine.
6. Restore from the backup:
    a. cd [signiant_install_dir]/bin
    b. ./restore_dtm --restore {location/name of backup .jar}
    a. cd [signiant_install_dir]\bin
    b. restore_dtm --restore {location\name of backup .jar}
(At this point, you may want to take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version of Signiant.)
7. Take the old Manager offline.
8. Bring the new Manager online.

Applies to

Signiant Managers, Version 10.0 and higher