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Backup Warnings when creating temporary folders : Can't make directory read+writeable Print


During a backup job you may encounter warning messages similar to the following regarding temporary folders in the backup directory:

Can't make directory /usr/signiant/dds/backup/security/crl read+writeable: Operation not permitted at /tmp/dds_agent_aa00657.dcf line 921

These folders are created in the process of making the Backup jar file. The user transmgr is used to create the folders and in the process a check is done to see if the user has the ability to set permissions on the files and folders. If transmgr is not permitted to you will get the above message.


CHMOD, the command used to change folder permissions, can only be performed by the folder owner or root. Make sure the folders are owned by one of these. They should be owned by transmgr. 

In the backup folder run this as a test when logged in as transmgr:
wwor-signiant:transmgr [ /usr/signiant/dds/backup ] ls
DTMbackup-signiant.jar  dtmDB.dmp
wwor-signiant:transmgr [ /usr/signiant/dds/backup ] mkdir test
wwor-signiant:transmgr [ /usr/signiant/dds/backup ] cd test
wwor-signiant:transmgr [ /usr/signiant/dds/backup/test ] touch foo
wwor-signiant:transmgr [ /usr/signiant/dds/backup/test ] chmod 777 foo
chmod: changing permissions of `foo': Operation not permitted

If you get the "Operation not permitted" error you need to discover why transmgr can not write to that location. If the backup folder is a mount on another drive make sure the user on that drive has the proper rights.