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Flight Transfer may report "AUTHORIZATION ERROR" with seemingly valid keys Print


When using sigcli command line of the Managers and Agents Workflow you may see the following in the log after a failed transfer:
​This error is commonly seen when the Access Key or Secret is invalid.
Log: [ 0e935a3b-5b79-4276-ac9a-0a65dc133095 ] Transfer state assigned to 8 from exit code 33.
Log: [ 0e935a3b-5b79-4276-ac9a-0a65dc133095 ] Transfer FAILURE: AUTHORIZATION ERROR.

Your keys all may be valid and even the API Key will read as valid

Log: [ 0e935a3b-5b79-4276-ac9a-0a65dc133095 ] API Key validation complete.


If your three keys are in-fact valid you may be using an older API Key that has a Secret Key attributed to it.

Revoke this key and generate a new one and do not activate the Secret Key.
Re-run the job and you will likely find it successful.