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Agent Installation does not recognize existing install during upgrade Print

During the course of an interactive windows agent upgrade, the installer requests the sigsetup.inf file as if it is doing a new installation despite a working agent is present on the system.

Possible Resolution:
Confirm that in the Windows registry contains an entry for Signiant in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE.
If it is not present the installer will not know where the installation is and assume it is installing a new one. At this point your options are:
  • Find another agent of the same version and installation location.  Using the Windows regedit command, export the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Signiant\DDS" and sub-keys.  On the agent having the problem, import this key into the Windows registry, again using regedit.
  • Using the Windows regedit command, create the following keys and values.  All values will be of type REG_SZ:
      • BUILD  - a positive integer)
      • INSTALL_DIRECTORY - The full path to the current Signiant 'bin' directory (eg:  C:\Program Files\Signiant\Mobilize\bin)
      • VERSION - The current version installed
In either case, the INSTALL_DIRECTORY location must accurately reflect the location of the 'bin' directory on the agent having problems.  BUILD and VERSION can hold place holder information, which will be updated after the installation completes.

After the registry entries are present attempt the upgrade again.