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Enhanced Maintenance Print

Updated maintenance workflows for large databases

The attached workflows add some variables to allow larger databases to get back on track with maintenance if the job has been failing for a while. It introduces the following variables:

Oldest reporting objects in days

This should be set to the # of days the customer would like to keep reporting objects plus the number of days since the maintenance last ran successfully. So if the customer wanted to keep 30 days work of stuff in the DB but the maintenance has not worked in 2 weeks, this # would be set to 44 (30+14) days. The default is set to 100.

Delete interval in days

Number of days to delete in any one pass of the delete loop. It will start at the Oldest object value above and work back to the normal Reporting object value in batches equal to the delete interval. The default is 5.

Maximum time for DB maintenance

Timer in hours for the old job run and empty job run maintenance to run. This isn't a hard value so the time can exceed this value but it will never start a new batch of deletions once it reaches this time. This value is used for the job and empty run deletions so both portions can run for this time period.

Maximum time for Unscheduled job maintenance in hours

Same as the DB maintenance timer except that it applies to the unscheduled job cleanup section of maintenance.

 The v12 and v13 version of the workflow is attached.