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13.4 Release Notes Print

Broader AWS S3 Storage Support

This release allows the ability to transfer data to and from S3 cloud object storage in any AWS S3 region.

Object Storage Profile Enhancements

Object Storage Profiles now distinguish between local S3-compatible storage and AWS S3 object storage, making it easier to transfer data to your storage endpoints.

The workflow to setup transfers to cloud object storage is also improved with a UI link to claim your cloud storage endpoints via Signiant Flight.

Improved Developer Documentation

Manager+Agents API documentation is now hosted via the Signiant Developer Documentation website, and in a more contemporary format supported via SwaggerHub.

Added Database Maintenance Utility: pg_repack

Manager 13.4 includes pg_repack making it easier for you to remove bloat from PostgreSQL databases.

Audit Log Enhancements

The Manager Audit Log now records user login attempts and user permission changes.

Security Enhancements

You now have the ability to set and enforce your preferred TLS security level. Learn more…

System Requirements Update

Manager+Agents 13.4 includes an update to system requirements. Learn more…