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FAQ: Why do I encounter Media Exchange job failures with one star transfers?

Question Media Exchange users located outside of my organization who are relying on (Behind Web Proxy) one star (HTTP TCP 8080) transfers, fail to download packages. Why are these transfer failures occurrin...

Last Updated 01-19-2017

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FAQ: Why do I get Transfer error "Permission denied" when writing to UNC path requiring an Active Directory user credential?

Question I have configured my Windows Agent's Media Exchange "Package Repository Path" to point to a UNC path. The UNC share permits access to Active Directory domain users only. Why does the Agent fail to...

Last Updated 01-25-2016

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Why are log times different for different logs?

Question: Why are my Web logs or Database logs in a different time zone than my Job logs? Answer: Logs that are generated by the Signiant Manager or Agents will almost always be in GMT. Logs that are generated...

Last Updated 03-08-2016

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How can I easily create a FIMS JSON file?

Question: What's the simplest way for met to create a FIMS JSON file? Answer: We have introduced a new feature in 12.0 of our manager software to create a simple FIMS JSON file by right clicking any templates ...

Last Updated 03-24-2016

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