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Disabling SSL v3 in version 11.4 and higher

As a measure to increase security in the manager, as of version 11.4 we provide a means by which we can disable SSL v3 for the JBoss server on Signiant managers. This is done in two stages: 1 – Upgrade your a...

Last Updated 08-10-2015

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How to Migrate a Manager to a New Server

Summary For a number of reasons it can be necessary to migrate a Manager to a new physical or virtual server. This article describes the process of performing such a migration, focusing on the need to retain ...

Last Updated 06-26-2017

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How to find jobs and agents with Debug logging turned on

Having debug or tracing enabled on jobs and agents can produce very large logs that can fill up hard drives. It can be a daunting task to find the one job in many or the one agent in many that has this set. It ...

Last Updated 10-13-2015

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12.0 Signiant Manager and Agents Release Notes

 Contents Upgrading Supported Upgrade Path Security: Enabling and Disabling SSL V3 Mac Agent Upgrade Core Upgrade Considerations Media Exchange Upgrade Considerati...

Last Updated 03-11-2016

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Running vacuumlo with limit option on 11.x Windows Manager

Problem Customer has millions of large objects on a Windows 11.x manager that need to be removed but vacuumlo eats up way too many resources to do this. How can I use vacuumlo from a 12.x manager so that the...

Last Updated 02-16-2016

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Secure sockets layer (SSL) handshake failure - sslv3 alert illegal parameter error

Problem While trying to run a job involving agents running different versions of the software you receive an error: Secure sockets layer (SSL) handshake failure with 'hostname' on the process control client...

Last Updated 03-01-2016

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"Error updating manager" when trying to import a cross-trust

Problem: When trying to set up a cross trust, you receive the message "Error updating manager <name> - Insufficient privileges to update Manager, <name>" Cause: This manager was already imported by...

Last Updated 04-28-2016

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